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How is it possible to feel so empty, yet be so overwhelmed at the same time? To be robotic and void of emotion on the outside while inside the intensity of feeling everything all at once is annihilating. Mental health problems present this paradox.

Battling against the paradox for every second of every day is exhausting. So when I wobble, or say I’m not up to it today; rather than a judgement or a well meant suggestion, I’d prefer a simple ‘that’s ok’. Sometimes I can’t hug. That’s ok too.


Image shot on Nikon D700, 50mm lens, f4.5, s/s40, ISO500, natural light from the left. The preliminary image is a test shot from another image I am working on (haven’t finished). The hole is a cup shot face on to the rim. I used Photoshop to blend the two images together and finished it with some texture and tweaks in curves.


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