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Does Life imitate Art, or does Art imitate Life?

33 weeks pregnant

Much of my photography is born from my experiences and emotions. Illustrations of things I can’t explain. Expressions of understanding and confusion.

I often find Art to be a journey of exploration and discovery, of the self, others, environment, ideas.

In this sense, I agree with Aristotle, ‘Art is Mimesis’. This was to be the extent of this blog. How my Art, often mimics what is going on in my life.

However, after exploring Oscar Wilde’s antithesis on Mimesis, named by scholars as ‘Anti-mimesis’ (gotta love that), my opinion has taken a swerve.

Wilde believed that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. That our own realities are viewed through the lens of the stories we have read, the films we have seen and the art we have viewed.

In the era of the digital image, we are surrounded by human interpretations of people, environments, animals and objects. Wilde argues it is these images which influence our lives and construct our realities.

Looking back at my own art, I can see what Wilde is saying. I can see the influence of imagery I have viewed and read in my images. I have called on this imagery to help me represent my life. So I guess it becomes a ‘chicken and egg’ debate…which came first?

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