Lighting, Maternity, photography


I’ve bought a cheap modelling light to play with. I usually only use natural light, but the winter months and my dark house are making me frustrated with the lack of light.

I’ve decided to use these winter months and maternity leave to learn about artificial lighting.

My modelling light gives a continuous daylight balanced light, which I can modify with a 50cm x 70cm Softbox. It’s nothing grand but something small to master and to see where it takes me.

I plan to investigate:

  • Rembrandt light
  • Broad light
  • Short light
  • Back light
  • Side light

I want to see the effects of more and less daylight when using it as a key light. And whether it can be used well as a fill light in daylight.

I have a lot to learn. I’ve relied a lot on Photoshop to fix my poor lighting, but now it’s time for a new challenge. I’m quite excited 🙂

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