Imposter Syndrome

I have been making art for five years. Yet I have never marketed or sold my work.

I have entered open calls and exhibited, and been commended and published, but I have shied away from actively promoting my work and selling it.

Imposter syndrome has played a large part; fear of failure and not being good enough. I have also had a stable job as a teacher. With such financial stability, I didn’t need to put myself out there and take risks.

2020 has changed so much for so many people, including me.

  • I find myself without a teaching job for the first time in my life.
  • I am a stay at home mum with a 9 month old baby.
  • I have Chron’s disease and take immuo-suppresants, making me more vulnerable to Covid-19.

I see this as an opportunity to change. This is a new chapter. It’s time to do the thing I wanted to do for most of my life, and become a working artist.

So Imposter Syndrome has to go. There is no room for it anymore.

I printed some of work professionally. It looks so good, it’s made me think, ‘maybe I can do this…’

Take care,


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