Designing a business logo

I was asked a few weeks ago to design a logo for someone about to launch a new business.

I have zero experience designing logos, but I said yes! There was no expectation, if they didn’t like it, they would find someone else. I was happy to see it as an opportunity for my own creative development, and if it didn’t work out, never mind.

We discussed the nature of the business and the client wanted the logo to show the theme of “growth’, the core value of her business. She shared colours she liked and we agreed a colour palette.

I showed her some of my illustrations (not photographs this time!) and she picked out things that she liked. This gave me some solid graphics to start with.

Finally she decided she wanted the logo presented square.

I did three preliminary sketches, and she chose her preferred design.

I refined and polished the design and gave three subtle variations. Would you believe it? She liked them!

Taking away the pressure of expectation made the whole experience easy to learn from and fun. I’m happy to try something new. You never know what you will take from it or where it might take you.

Have you tried anything new, lately?

Take care,


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