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Photo review from Rise International Photography Awards – Maternity

The RISE International Photography Awards is a unique, online photography awards system aimed at seeing entrants elevate their work from one award year to the next.

The judges gave written feedback to all entrants on all photos entered. I entered three images into three categories: Maternity, Family and Creative.

I received a bronze award for two categories – Family and Creative. But my image for the the Maternity category got a bit of a roasting!

The not so good

I decided to take a gamble and enter an experimental image, where I played round with the processing and tried some new techniques.

It didn’t go down well… but I’ve learnt to leave the experimental techniques out of future competitions!

Entry ID: E-18524


Judge 1: Congratulations for exploring a concept which is a little more unique for a maternity portrait. For the Silhouette to have great impact lighting needs to be a little more consistent so that we can see cleaner lines from the subject’s neck down to her breasts. It looks like highlights have been blown out in the initial capture, creating some jagged lines through her chest, as well as her hair. Posing could be refined, such as a bend in one of her legs to see more shape and separation. You may need to check the brightness of your monitor as there are quite a few banding and postproduction issues through the whites where we can some oddities and patches.

Judge 2: The impact of your image lacks the creative & technical skills needed to convey the overall message.

Judge 3: The post-production treatment has created some unflattering lines and areas of the image are broken up. Great to explore new ideas and work to refine this.

Judge 4: Nice start to high key image
With a silhouette image lines needs to be clean, consistent and flattering
Back of body from arm down is inconsistent, shadow on top of breast, hair line

As you can read – I needed to do a lot more refinement on this techniques before I hit send!

I’ll post the feedback for my Family entry and bronze award photo next.

Take care,


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