Photo review from Rise International Photography Awards – Family

The RISE International Photography Awards is a unique, online photography awards system aimed at seeing entrants elevate their work from one award year to the next.

The judges gave written feedback to all entrants on all photos entered. I entered three images into three categories: Maternity, Family and Creative.

I love this photo

This photo is a self-portrait of myself and my daughter, when she was two. I used a tripod and a remote shutter release to take it, and processed the colours in Photoshop.

It was originally part of an exhibition titled ‘Skin’, and represents the mother-child bond between us. For me, it’s about love, and I’ll always cherish it.


Judge 1: I love the organic lines and shapes through this composition. The hint of the fingers at the top of the frame is a little distracting. I would either like to see more or less. The same goes for the cropped ankle at the bottom of the frame. An interesting and brave approach to colour toning which really grabs the viewer’s eye.

Judge 2: This is a unique and great portrait – honest and with a lovely sense of flow. The colour palette is different and good. Only two little things to watch. There’s the slightest of yellow-tinged haloes where the bodies meet the background, interrupting that block colour background. There’s just the tiniest hint of a hand coming around at the top right of the frame; it would have been wonderful to see more of that hand, to give symmetry with the mother’s hand mid-left of frame. Well done, this is excellent.

Judge 3: Nice softness and feel but i feel we need more of the subject to get the story. We have a little hair top left that makes me want more of the story. More contrast or even black & white would help visually.

I take all of these comments on board. I think I may need to recreate this image or similar to include the judges’ advice.

Take care,


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