The past years has been difficult for everybody. The entire world has faced challenges it could never have predicted.

For me, these changes, plus the changes in my family ( we are a foursome now:), and my health (being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease) made me rethink where I was going with my Art and Photography. I took up drawing again and began creating digital art. I stumbled upon surface pattern design, which I didn’t even know was a thing, and fell in love with it.

The endless possibilities for pattern, colour combinations, motifs and illustrations makes me giddy with excitement. I no see colours and patterns everywhere!

I still have my day job, so I am in a very lucky position that I have given myself the rest of the year to play, experiment, find my style and grow my portfolio. There is a lot to learn, and just the fun aspects of design and technical creation. This is a completely new industry which I know nothing about and I know nothing about business or running it.

Everything is figureoutable, so I’ gunna figure it out! C’os I really wanna do this! 🙂

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