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Returning to pattern design – Where to start

After a little hiatus (a good 6 months!), I’ve started learning pattern design again. Although I explored some other creative mediums, such as seascapes and opening my own Esty shop DandelionAnd FoxShop, I always come back to colours and shapes, and patterns.

I’ve been working through Bonnie Christine’s ‘Introduction to pattern design’ on Skillshare. It is a good introduction to Adobe illustrator and a solid base to start learning pattern design.

Illustrator is a technical programme and if you’re not too tech savvy, I recommend watching the class a few times and working alongside the lessons in illustrator. I have found it very helpful to be able to keep going back to lessons when learning to use specific tools and techniques.

Here are my first attempts at using some of the tools in Illustrator such as, the eraser, the pen, the blob, the shape, reflect and rotate.

Learning Illustrator and studying pattern design can feel like a huge task and when I think about it all I get overwhelmed. To help, I’m trying to focus on each little lesson at a time: learning and practising each tool and not rushing the process.

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