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How to create a simple greeting card mockup

It’s quite simple when you know how! I have used Photoshop CC to create this mockup.

Step 1: Photograph the flat-lay

Lay out a greeting card and any other props you want to use to decorate your flat lay. Take a photo on your phone or camera using diffused, even lighting and upload to Photoshop.

I kept it simple with some colourful paper clips to match my colourful designs.

Step 2: Colour correct in Photoshop

Correct any white balance issues and even out the lighting using adjustment layers.

Make sure whites are bright with the highlighters dropper in the Levels adjustment layer.

Step 3: Create a smart object

Create a rectangle the same size as the card face on a new layer and fill black

Turn this layer into a smart object (Layers – Convert to smart object).

Click in the smart object icon in the corner of the layer to open the smart object (this will open in a new window).

Paste your pattern or artwork in this layer (on top). Make any adjustments using adjustment layers.

Close the smart object window and select save when prompted.

Et voila!

Step 4: Saving and exporting

Save the psd file and you can reuse your mock up for different designs.

Export for web and save as a png or jpg for sharing online in your shop or on social media!

This is a simple method that works well with flat objects without harsh shadows. I haven’t had a go with more complicated objects, but might share in the blog once I do!

Have a great day!


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