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Don’t give up on your dreams!

This time last year I took a surface pattern design course from Make it in Design. I loved the course and was excited about a career in Surface Pattern Design. I was on maternity leave at the time and had mapped out the next courses I wanted to take and the goals I had.

The juggle is REAL!

Then maternity leave ended and I took another teaching job. I kept up with my dreams for a few months, the second and third Covid waves happened and my day job became more and more complicated. Plus I was a working mum with two children now – that’s a very very different kettle of fish than one child! I had so little time to myself and at the end of each day I was exhausted.

I was BIG on procrastination

The fire that was in my belly began to dwindle. Procrastination set in. Although I didn’t give up on my dreams of becoming a successful Surface Pattern Designer and having my own design label, I put them so far down the list that my momentum to get there became none existent. I allowed my limiting beliefs to set my agenda and they said,

you’re not ready to do this, you don’t know enough, you’re not good enough.

I began illustration classes, flat lay classes, Etsy shop classes, marketing classes, how to run a small business classes – I was able to fill any spare time I had doing anything but Surface Pattern Design! And kid myself that I was still working towards this goal.

In reality, I was moving further and further away from it, because deep down I didn’t believe I could do it.

The compare scare

I compared myself with EVERYBODY on Instagram and filled my head with all sorts of things that I should be doing. I forgot my plan, created a new plan, more plans and become more and more sad that I wasn’t able to do surface pattern design because I had so many other things to do!

Yes, I need to look after my kids, my house, my day job, my relationships, my health – oh god did you see how far down my list my health is! lol! Literally an after thought and I’m big on self care!

But all these other aspects of building a small business and whatever everyone else was doing were taking me further away from my dreams. I felt the need to give myself a good shake! Where could I be if I had gone full pattern design steam ahead this last twelve months!

Bottom line: Stop procrasting. Banish limiting beliefs. Take only the steps that bring you closer to your goals. The rest will fall into place.

Invest in yourself

So today, I invested in myself and took a big step closer to my dreams. I enrolled in Make it in Design Modules 2 and 3, like I said I would last year. And I will secure my first licensing deal by the time I have finished. – There’s nothing like a bit of public accountability for self motivation!

Tell me about your dreams. Let’s big each other up and help each other stay on track!

Take care,


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