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5 reasons to design with Procreate

Procreate is my favourite drawing tool! It’s so versatile, intuitive and provides such a comfortable drawing experience on my iPad.

5 things I love about Procreate

Number 1 – Portability

It’s just me, my iPad and my Apple Pencil. I can draw anywhere, anyplace and anytime. I’m not tied to a desk, a drawing tablet or a computer.

Number 2 – Share-ability

I can share a drawing as a PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG OR TIFF.

I often share a PSD file to my laptop to fine tune a design for printing.

I make my drawings print ready in Photoshop

I can airdrop a design to my phone, laptop or someone else! I use airdrop so much to move between phone, iPad and laptop for designing, editing, sharing to social media and printing. I can also email designs, share to social media, share to my blog and other apps.

Draw in Procreate and share!
Air drop to Illustrator to start designing

Number 4 – Tap to undo

Drawing in Procreate has really built my confidence. The ability to ‘undo’ a line and try again alleviates my perfectionism and my inner critic. I can have as many goes as it takes to get something how I want it, no rubbing out required!

Number 5 -Layers

Another great way to try something out without ruining your whole drawing if it doesn’t work is using layers. Layers allow me to work non-destructively on a drawing, try ideas and maintain my original drawing is they don’t work out. My background is in Photoshop so using layers in Procreate was an easy migration. If you are new to layers, I plan to write a blog post about how to use layers in Procreate in the future – so watch this space!

Tell me what drawing and designing tools you love!

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