Daughter Of Woman

The title concept links the pieces through them all being ‘of woman’, aka ‘born’ from a woman.The concept behind this series is the duality of the ego. The parts of us we show the world and the parts we keep hidden.

This series narrates ‘the duality of the ego.’ The parts of us we show the world and the parts we keep hidden. I believe the parts we hide can often be our most beautiful parts (hence the flowers), which we feel too vulnerable to show.
The irony of the human condition is it requires both the masculine and the feminine to work in harmony. Human beings and are both Yin and Yang, regardless of gender. Suppression resulting in internal dissonance.

The lightbulb symbolises intelligence and knowledge in western culture. A knowledge based, patriarchal society, where femininity is viewed as weakness. Through this cultural direction, the ego portrays an acceptable character. The lightbulb gives an inhuman quality to our ego. Faceless, transparent yet hiding something.
The flower symbolises beauty and fragility: the Divine Feminine. It hides through fear of judgement, of not being good enough.
The clashing patterns of the wallpaper and clothing represents the dissonance created by being out of balance with ourselves.