Life with lockdown, a baby and illness

Life has changed so much in the past few months, my days are hardly recognisable.

We had a new addition to our family, becoming a party of 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent a fortnight in hospital with what doctors think is Chron’s disease and have been back home recovering since then.

The UK went on lockdown to safeguard it’s people and it’s health service against the Corona Virus and I became a person at higher risk of serious health problems should I become infected.

Although I’m at home all the time, there is less time and space to create. Less time and space to think even, with two children at home 24/7! Consequently, art is taking on different forms. Different narratives are unfolding.

I’m still composting, but using stock images more as I can’t get out to take photos. The subject is no longer me, but the people, animals and objects around me. Using stock photos, I find actually opens my up imagination to new possibilities, as I use images I would not have captured myself.

Dandelion and Fox: Composite – images courtesy of Unsplash

Art begins to reflect life, and these creations look and feel different than what has come before, because life looks and feels very different now. And in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚

Fine Art Photography Awards

I entered ‘Through The Flamingo Glass into the 6th Fine Art Photography Awards and received a nomination for the third year running!

I don’t enter many awards or exhibitions so I am thrilled to be nominated in the Open Theme category.

Through The Flamingo Glass: Open Theme Nominee

Young Guns Emerging Art Awards

I’m officially a Young Gun!

I have been shortlisted in the Top 40 of the inaugural Young Guns Art Awards! I am so excited! What I love about this award is its focus solely on art and new talent.

‘We don’t care where you come from, where you are based, or how old you are. We just care about the art and the stories you tell.’ – Young Guns

I am proud and honoured to be part or a new and relevant award, and truly grateful to be shortlisted. If this is as far as I get, I’m happy!

โ€‹There is some seriously great talent nominated – check all the shortlisted artists on their website: YoungGuns

Or on social:



Back lamp

Experimenting with surrealism.

I’m really enjoying a new journey. Freedom to follow my imagination in this weird and wonderful direction! I love quirky furniture so pairing it with self portraiture is a great fit for me.

I’m going to keep exploring.

Taking photos of furniture outside of my house might be the first step I need. Looking for interesting period furniture to photograph! Any ideas?

Lampshade by