Sometimes I come across as cold, rude or disinterested. I am none of these things. I have anxiety. I am afraid.

This image came about through a bit of playing around with ice. What I was trying to create didn’t work so I used the ice as a textured layer instead created this.


Nikon D700, 50mm lens. I photographed a block of ice and layers it over the top of the original image using blending modes in Photoshop. Image shot with natural light. Self portrait.

Holding back the darkness

Holding back the darkness

I have been travelling through quite a dark place for quite a long time. It got darker and darker until I could barely hold back the darkness enough to see, anything. The darkness changes the way things look, it changes the way you feel, it changes how you behave and what you think. It makes it difficult to communicate. This image is an interpretation of how I felt during a crisis period in my life. The weight of the darkness was so heavy, I thought it might consume me.

The darkness is fear.


Construction details:

Image shot on D700, 50mm lens, f5.6, s/s50, iso500. I expanded the frame to my right to allow me to frame my subject off centre. The Hurricane lamp came from Amazon, I wanted a light source so I could illustrate the darkness. I thought a Hurricane lamp was quite fitting for weathering an emotional storm. In Photoshop, I stitched the frame together and added light to the lamp and darkness to the rest of the frame. Then added textures and tweaks in curves and colour balance.