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Leg Lamp

I'm beginning to feel the limitations of my 50mm lens, old D700 and house in my art. My house is dark and I struggle with low light. I have ideas on larger scales, but no idea how to create them. I want to venture outside my four walls to create photographs, but I'm afraid. So… Continue reading Leg Lamp

A woman crouches on the ground, hands protecting her head In front of her is an old hurricane lamp. the lamp provides the only glimmer of light. She is surrounded by darkness.
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Holding back the darkness

I had been travelling through a dark place for some time. It got darker and darker until I could barely hold back the darkness. I hope for people to relate to this image in their own way. I think we have all had our own darkness at some point. The darkness is different for each of us. For me, the darkness is fear.