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Locked away

‘Let me tell you the story of a little girl, who experience so much pain. When she could bear no more, she locked her heart away in a metal cage, deep in a dungeon, furthest away from everywhere and everything. A person cannot function without a heart, so she crafted a new one, from the people and things around her. She looked outside herself and created a false one: one that would serve to keep away the pain. As she built her new heart, she slowly forgot about her old one, her real one, and lost it forever.’ Most of us are guilty of hiding our true selves and creating false selves to protect ourselves from past pain and trauma. Because this duplicity of identity usually begins in childhood, I used the image of myself as a child.

A woman crouches on the ground, hands protecting her head In front of her is an old hurricane lamp. the lamp provides the only glimmer of light. She is surrounded by darkness.
Blog, The Albatross

Holding back the darkness

I had been travelling through a dark place for some time. It got darker and darker until I could barely hold back the darkness. I hope for people to relate to this image in their own way. I think we have all had our own darkness at some point. The darkness is different for each of us. For me, the darkness is fear.