The Art of Story Telling

I love books: old ones; new ones; fact; fiction. I love the smell of books and the way they feel. My shelves are full of books. Some I’ve read many times, some I’m waiting to read, some books I may never read, but I want to have them anyway.

We are surrounded by narratives. Stories from our past, unfolding in our present and projected into our futures. Stories of people we know. Stories of people we follow. Stories on TV. Stories seen from our windows.

As Humans, we have been telling stories for millennia. They exist in our DNA, past down from our ancestors.

The Art of Storytelling is the images created by the narratives we hold. Narratives buried deep and often long forgotten, but for an image, or a feeling, which remains.

The stories that touch my soul are the stories of my childhood. Children’s stories. They are pure escapism. A place of solace where my shy, socially anxious inner child can be whoever, and do whatever, she can imagine.

What are the stories that touch your soul and why?

Through the Flamingo Glass

Through the Flamingo Glass

Is it ok to create art without a concept?

When I’m looking at submission guidelines there is often a large box to describe the concept behind the images. The big ‘why’ that propelled you to create your project. Often artists and photographers have a poignant message or story behind their images: A representation or insight into a cause.

My Surreal Furniture project didn’t start with a concept. Rather a desire to animate inanimate objects.

Maybe there is a story behind these images. A story that writes itself with each image. Each image bringing a new character to the story. I have no real plan, only others characters I want to create. ‘What if’ is something I hear myself saying a lot.

So I guess what I’m asking is can concept and story be created through art rather than be represented by it?