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Life with lockdown, a baby and illness

Life has changed so much in the past few months, my days are hardly recognisable. We had a new addition to our family, becoming a party of 4 🙂 I spent a fortnight in hospital with what doctors think is Chron's disease and have been back home recovering since then. The UK went on lockdown… Continue reading Life with lockdown, a baby and illness

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I've bought a cheap modelling light to play with. I usually only use natural light, but the winter months and my dark house are making me frustrated with the lack of light. I've decided to use these winter months and maternity leave to learn about artificial lighting. My modelling light gives a continuous daylight balanced… Continue reading Lighting

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Bodies are beautiful

I love photographing the human body. I think it's curves, colours and textures are beautiful. Looking at my back catalogue, the human body figures heavily in all my images. This has never been a conscious choice as in 'I want to photograph naked people'. Hell, most of the body parts are my own and I… Continue reading Bodies are beautiful

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Does Life imitate Art, or does Art imitate Life?

33 weeks pregnant Much of my photography is born from my experiences and emotions. Illustrations of things I can't explain. Expressions of understanding and confusion. I often find Art to be a journey of exploration and discovery, of the self, others, environment, ideas. In this sense, I agree with Aristotle, 'Art is Mimesis'. This was… Continue reading Does Life imitate Art, or does Art imitate Life?