A young woman sits in the floor holding her legs to her chest. She faces a wall. Her naked back is covered with angry, ugly mouths.
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The voices both inside us and outside us can be extremely damaging. The negative comments and self talk become part of us and eat away at our self belief and self image. With anxiety the voices are loud and continuous. Always negative, fearful and self depreciating. You are the thoughts you have, and the voices you listen to.

A young woman crouches with her hands protectively over her head and back. Red, paper planes fire down on her.
Blog, The Albatross

Paper Planes

When words, judgement and expectations wound your skin, paper planes penetrate deep within. This image uses the paper planes as a metaphor for the negativity that can enter us from our relationships. These paper planes can from anyone; partners, family, colleagues or friends. When suffering from mental illness or abuse, it feels like a relentless bombardment which we struggle to protect ourselves from.