Screw loose


Screw loosehave a screw loose (idiom)

a) to be eccentric

b) to be of unsound minded

I thought I was crazy. My mind didn’t work in the way it always had. Instead of firing quickly, it had almost ground to a halt. Cerebral thought was like walking through treacle. Everything was foggy, a record stuck on a scratch, a computer powering down. The most basic of tasks required my full attention, making a cup of tea, driving. I couldn’t make a decision, closed questions only please and I couldn’t always answer those. I was a computer which didn’t compute.

But below this robotic exterior, something was screaming with all its might. I couldn’t hear it, but I could feel it. It was small and far away, but it was powerful.

Is this what it is to be of unsound mind?

Dedicated to those times when you think you’re losing it. You’re not. It just feels like it for a while.



Nikon D700, 50mm, f8, 1/50, ISO500. I photographed the subject and the screws on the floor in one shot. The rest of the screws were photographed individually using a hair grip to hold them. I photographed different angles and rotations as well focal distances to ensure I could blend them into the original image and create believability. Finally some tweaks in curves and textures were added.

Paper Planes

Paper planes

The attack is so fierce, pinned down with nowhere to go. Protect yourself as best you can, for now.

Lies and deceit.

‘Paper planes’ is about being under attack, missiles flying from everywhere, coming so thick and fast you just can’t cope. The only response,  to make yourself small and cover your head, damage limitation.

There are many metaphors and hidden meanings in this image, often loaded with duplicity.

I wanted to convey how the things that hurt and bombard us into submission aren’t made from metal and fired from guns. The missiles being fired are paper planes, a childhood toy, made from a delicate material, which are sharp and pointed and fly fast. It is the vast numbers that knock us down, one paper plane doesn’t do much damage, but a torrade does, especially when it never ceases.  The planes are coloured red to denote two concepts; blood for the damage they do, and love, from the duplicite people they come from. Honest people don’t throw paper planes at you.


Image shot on Nikon D700, 50mm lens, f5.6, s/s50, ISO500, window light from right. I expanded my frame to the right of the subject to allow space for the paper planes. The paper planes were one paper plane I made out of pink paper and photographed multiple time in different positions. I then cut each one out and composted onto my original image in Photoshop. Once again, mother nature kept changing the quality of my light source and so some work on shadows and highlights had to be done on the planes. I used replace colour into Photoshop to change the planes from pink to red. Textures and tweaks in curves. Oh, and another one where I forgot to take my watch off! Clone, clone, clone…