Time thighs

How quickly we travel through life. Always running to get somewhere. Only to reach the end and realise that it was the journey, and not the destination, which was important.

This image is the beginning of a new series. A journey into surrealism: combining my love of form and texture, and interesting furniture. The legs and chest of drawers belong to me. The vase is my mum’s. The clock is courtesy of unsplash.com

Leg Lamp

I’m beginning to feel the limitations of my 50mm lens, old D700 and house in my art. My house is dark and I struggle with low light. I have ideas on larger scales, but no idea how to create them. I want to venture outside my four walls to create photographs, but I’m afraid.

So for now, I’m experimenting with surrealism, an up cycled set of drawers and various parts of my body.

I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with lampshades also…


It’s a lot easier to be stuck than you’d think. Getting unstuck, that’s hard. Knowing you are stuck, even harder.

I was stuck. Stuck in fear. Stuck in the past. I’m not stuck anymore.

I can feel my mind wandering down a different creative path. The Albatross Project is nearing it’s end. I have a few more images I want to add to the series, but I’m itching to create beyond it.


Its easy to fall into the ‘waiting’ trap, Waiting for something to end, waiting for something to start, waiting in line. But here’s the thing: that ‘waiting’ bit, is called life. Live life, through the good and the bad. Don’t press pause, you miss so much.

My original idea didn’t include the bubble, I decided to add during processing. For me the bubbler symbolises my own life, and how it can become quite insular at times when I focussing on the wrong things.

Construction: Nikon D700, 50mm lens, self timer. I took the image of myself run my bedroom using a step ladder. My body is multiple composites, layered in Photoshop. The background is one I love from the house I used to live in, such beautiful light and space. The bubble came from an image @unsplash, a cool website where photographers share free images.


Woman sits on floor with her back facing. there are two larges holes in her back.

Even the largest of wounds can heal. In time you will be whole again.

Construction: Nikon D700, 50mm, f, 1/80, ISO 500. The floor was created out of a laminate floor palette arrange on my bedroom carpet. For the hole I used a broken vase and the warp tool in Photoshop to get the shapes I wanted. I used replace colour to change the colour of the vase to match my skin and did some burning on a separate layer to add shadows. I then used curves, levels and selective colour to create the tones I wanted and added a couple of textures.

Black Hole

Black hole2

There were times when I felt like my life was being sucked into a black hole. As if a huge vacuum cleaner was pulling me into this incredible darkness. I was holding onto my life with my finger tips as debris flew past me into the abyss. Some days are dark. Some days feel like this.



Nikon D700, 50mm, f5.6, 1/80, ISO800. A self portrait using a remote trigger. I shot the image of myself jumping on my bed. It was quite sweaty work and took quite a few takes to get the pose I wanted. My room was dark and I wanted the right balance between bright, sharp image and motion blur. I photographed the drawers and lamp by holding them over my bed. The background is used from a previous shoot, the same one as in most of my images to maintain consistency within the series. I wanted the effect of the whole frame being pulled, so I photographed a bed sheet against my wall and gathered it slightly ,then added as a layer underneath.  Finally, I added textures and colour tweaks. All editing is done in Photoshop.




We are all damaged in some way. No one journeys life unscathed. Look closer. Be present. Be kind.


Nikon D700, 50mm lens, f4, 1/60, ISO 500. This image was a test shot for ‘Voices’. The floor boards are a laminate pallet laid out on my bedroom floor. The lightening was too directional for the image I wanted in “Voices’, but I loved the atmosphere and the pose. This was a simple edit in Photoshop, using curves to change tones and emphasis the light and dark. I added different textures to the background and the subject to create the ‘damaged’ effect.





Voices, internal or external, they all do damage. Negative self talk is hard to  unlearn and extremely damaging. Understand that one flippant negative comment can stay in someone’s internal monologue for a life time. Be kind.


Nikon D700, 50mm lens, f4.5, 1/80, ISO 500. I took the picture of my back first using the 10 second timer. I no longer have access to my previous shooting space but want to keep a continuity of style for this series. This image was shot in my tiny, carpeted spare room. Therefore I expanded the frame by taking pictures above and below the main image of my back and to the left and right. To create the floor, I bought a panel of laminate floor boards to construct a wooden floor and laid them out on top of the  carpet. I took multiple pictures of my mouth holding the camera in front of my face. Finally I used Photoshop to stitch all the images together, adjusted light and colour in curves and added texture.